Used Road Bikes Working to Offer Buy and Sell Services

May 2, 2013

Used Road Bikes is now accepting and purchasing used road bikes!  If you have one to sell or donate simply click the Donate/Sell link at the top of the page.

Soon we will offer bikes for sale and will be adding functionality to allow individuals to buy and sell used bikes directly.

My goal is to set up a simple forum for sellers and buyers to come together to exchange bikes, information, and parts.  Used road bikes will also be an active buyer and seller in hopes of creating the most value possible for both buyers and sellers.  Additionally, we will continue to provide information and direction on repairs, maintenance, and parts.  By offering you a classifieds section for buying and selling we strive to make your search for used road bikes quick, simple, and cost effective.

We are still in the early stages so if you have any comments, recommendations, or feedback please share in the comments! for Used Road Bikes?!?

December 3, 2009

I was quite surprised the other day when browsing to find that not only do they have decently priced new road bikes, but on occasion you can even find used road bikes!  The lowest priced one I’ve seen so far is $140 which is more than a lot of older used road bikes, but for that price your actually getting a newer, relatively good bike.   I have not actually purchased or seen one in person, however, the ratings seem to speak quite highly for most of them (especially the Schwinn’s).  Schwinn’s quality definitely tanked when they got bought out, but I’d say they still have the best bikes among the cheap ones.  From my knowledge of bikes, the specs on them seem decent as well, especially at that price point.  Not the end all solution, but for someone tired of looking or just wants one quick this might be a great alternative.  See them all HERE!

National Bike Month!

May 18, 2009

I’m a little late to post this but better late than never…May is national bike month and bike-to-work week was last week and bike-to-work day was last Friday. Again, sorry for the late post. :(   However, there are lots of other events and rides all month! Check out the League of American Bicyclists (excerpt below) for more info.

May is National Bike Month

The League of American Bicyclists is promoting Bike-to-Work Week from May 11-15 and Bike-to-Work Day on Friday, May 15. Need some ideas? Use the League’s step by step guide on how to get started promoting your event. Help us Count Cyclists In this May, and every month!

This is the official site for National Bike Month. Check the events section often to see what bike month and bike to work week events are going on in your community. If you would like to submit your event information to be posted on this site, email it to Please make sure you write, “Bike Month Event” in the subject line of the email.

So get out and ride some this month and watch out for those that ARE riding if your having to drive.  I’ll be sure to post something about this again next year…a bit earlier!  Lastly, even if you’re not planning anything this month the League of American Bicyclists website is a very valuable source for all kinds of biking info (including local searches), check it out!

Fixed Gear Not Just for the Road

April 30, 2009

The road bike scene has been changing drastically over the past few years.  This is part of the reason it is more difficult to find used road bikes for cheap.  There is a whole new market for these bikes that keeps expanding and changing.  Bikes,  for a long time, have been for more than just transportation.  The video below is an example of how far it has come…

more about “Fixed 3 on Vimeo“, posted with vodpod

The reason I share this is because it helps show that there are a wide variety of uses for used road bikes other than just road based transportation.  And being a blog on used road bikes, it is only fair to cover any and all aspects. Also, knowing about the other uses of the bikes may help people to find one for themselves, which is the main topic of this blog.

I personally think that if a bike is being used and enjoyed, then it is of no concern how it is used.  Regardless, the many other uses of used road bikes stirs quite  a debate across different riding disciplines.  Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below!

Best Online Sources for Used Road Bikes

March 29, 2009

Although online isn’t necessarily the best or cheapest place to get a used road bike, it is the best alternative if you are having no luck finding one locally.  In this post I’ll list and describe the top sites I’ve had luck finding used road bikes on.   Most have a revolving inventory so if you don’t see anything right away keep checking back.  These sites are also listed from best to worst according to my experience with each.

First, is one I’ve mentioned before, which is Craigslist.  It’s really hit or miss.  But this one tends to have the most ‘inventory’ of bikes for sale, it’s just a matter of how much your willing to pay and how much you want to search.  You could really search any and all cities for used road bikes and if you find one you like ask the seller if they would be willing to ship it.  This would obviously cost more due to the shipping, but if the deals there it may be worth it.

Next, is Recycled Cyles.  They typically sell newer bikes and are often higher priced bikes.  Their bikes are decent deals, it’s again just a matter of whether you want to spend more to get a newer/nicer bike.

Last, is good ‘ol Ebay.  Ebay can produce good deals on occassion, but it could still take a while since there aren’t quite as many used road bikes on there as some other sources.  However, if you are diligent and again are willing to pay a bit more Ebay is a great source.  Also, if other people are bidding on it up to a certain point and you finally win you know you got the bike for very close to what it is actually worth.

That’s all for now!   If and/or when I find more I’ll be sure to add them to the list.  If you’ve had luck with any of these online sources for used road bikes or another not listed here, please share in the comments.

Make New Friends, Find Used Road Bikes!

February 19, 2009

Another way of finding used road bikes that I never thought of, because it is so obvious, is to get out to some races, rides, or communities and meet some other bike riders.  Not only is there a good chance they will have a bike you could use/buy/get parts from but they can also assist you in your search much better than anyone else.  Much like how I try help here but on a more local and personal level.  Most people who get addicted to bicycling end up with multiple bikes, many times of the same type (road bike for example).  So it’s a win-win for everyone.  You and others make new friends and find more people to ride with, you get a bike or advice or parts or whatever they can offer, and the other person gets to sell their bike or parts or help friends do the same.  There are lots of ways to find out who and where cyclists are and they meet.


The first place, obviously, is the net.  There are many forums for all types of cycling.  I’ve listed the top few below, but feel free to do your own search.  Many of them are have regional sections but just getting on and posting you’ll start to see active users in your area.  Send them a message and ask if you can meet or if they know anyone with a bike or parts.  Also, do a search for local cycling events, it’s not uncommon for county parks and other recreation facilities to put together rides/races/events.  The other search you could perform is for local ride groups such as Faster Mustache (one of Atlanta’s better cycling sites).

Local Bike Shops

Local bikes shops are another place to ask and look for events and races where you could meet other riders.  They commonly have calenders of events and sometimes even a e-mail newsletter list you could subscribe to to stay up to date on events.  This includes the larger box stores such as REI.

I’m sure there’s other ways as well.  If you’ve done any of these or have your own tips to share please add them in the comments.

Bicycle Commuter Tax Provision Passes

January 2, 2009


As part of the $700 billion rescue package passed by Congress you may now receive up to a $20 per month ($240 a year) tax credit (beginning December 31, 2008) for every month that you commute to work by bicycle. This reimbursement can be used for the purchase of a bicycle, bike parts, repair, and storage, if you regularly use the bike to commute between your home and work. Go green! Ride your bike to work and use the tax credit for becoming more sustainable.

So, yeah, the above pretty much says it all.  Great news for those who already ride and a small incentive to those that do not.  I did a little additional searching and found this clarification…

In a nutshell this will allow employers to offer a ‘fringe’ benefit reimbursement to an employee who regularly uses a bicycle for a substantial portion of their commute, up to an average of $20 per month, of reasonable expenses related to the purchase, improvement, repair, and storage of the bicycle, without requiring the employee to include the reimbursements in their income.  This benefit will apply to taxable years beginning after December 31, 2008.

So to claim this you’ll obviously need to talk with your employer and I’m sure there will be an application of some kind required in order to receive the credit.

And for anyone who wants it, the nity grity (see Section 211).

Happy New Year!


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